PARC was the only Amateur Radio Club in the UK that commemorated the 950th Anniversary of the Norman Conquest  

950th Anniversary of the Norman Invasion of England

"The Norman Conquest"
The Culmination ~ December

Guillaume le Batarde, Duc d'Normandie - William Duke of Normandy
was crowned King of England at Westminster Abbey
on Christmas Day 1066

PARC & YHARG will continue to commemorate this on air from 15 to 31 December
subject to propagation on 40m & 20m bands.

Two very special QSL Certificates are available to download for any contacts with MX0PHX & MX0YHA on these dates:

1 Sept to 20 December - The Battles          21 to 31 December - The Coronation

These are LARGE 2Mb 4000x2400 px images. Click to open or right click to Save As.

Please also see our Tempus Fugit Programme - and Yuletide activities - which runs concurrently