Our Next Activity will be for Tempus Fugit

7  August 2018
Special - John Heathcoat
Father of Nottingham's Lace Industry ~ 7 August 1783

John Heathcoat established a lace-making company in 1808 and based his original factory in Nottingham. However in 1816, the Luddites burnt down the factory and destroyed most of his machines, and so he relocated the company  Hathern, Leicestershire and then to Tiverton, Devon.

16 June 2018
Battle of Stoke Field
(East Stoke near Newark on Trent)

The Battle of Stoke Field was the last in the Wars of the Roses and marked the end of the Yorkists' bid to replace the Lancastrian Henry Tudor. It was a decisive and bloody defeat of the Yorkist rebel army in which all of the sponsors and leaders of the Yorkist cause perished.


Summary of PARC & Aries (then YHARG) major activities 2013 - 2017
using MX0PHX & MX0YHA unless otherwise shown.


GB1StG - St George’s Day at Mount St Bernard Abbey.
British Scientists Award - continued from 2016.
World Amateur Radio Day.
World Radio Day.
GB1BST -Start of British Summer Time at the British Horological Institute.
GB4SUM & GB2SUM - The Great British Summer
Vintage Radio Weekend - in collaboration with the Vintage Radio Group MX0VRG.
Tempus Fugit celebrations throughout the year.
Robin Hood Award.

ITU World Telecommunications Day.
British Scientists Award - January to December.
UN World Radio Day.
UN World Water Day.
Demonstration of high energy Tesla Coils. Science In The Park (British Association), Wollaton Hall, Nottingham.
Tempus Fugit celebrations throughout the year.
GB1BST - Start of British Summer Time at the British Horological Institute.
GB1StG - St George’s Day at Mount St Bernard Abbey.
Start of the SAGHOTA - Sheds, Allotments and Green Houses On The Air.
Robin Hood Award.
GB100E Shackleton’s rescue of the crew of the Endurance (August 1916) .
The Norman Conquest - Battle of Fulford, Battle of Stamford Bridge, Battle of Hastings and Coronation of William of Normandy.
Vintage Radio Weekend sponsored by PARC (in collaboration with the  Vintage Radio Group MX0VRG).
GB0GMT Start of Greenwich Mean Time at the British Horological Institute.
Yuletide – Tempus Fugit.


 GB1BST – British Summer Time, Woody’s Top Youth Hostel, Lincolnshire.
GB1StG - St George’s Day at Mount St Bernard Abbey.
Various UNESCO events.
North Staffordshire & East Cheshire Summer Steam Rally.
ITU World Radio Day.
Magna Carta  - Anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta (4 weeks).
MS0PHX Scottish Islands Tour.
Tolkein’s Birthday.
Youth Hostels Day at the National Forest YH.
Robin Hood’s Stone, West Yorkshire.
Railways On The Air, Nottingham Transport Heritage Centre.
GB0GMT Start of Greenwich Mean Time, Mount St Bernard’s Abbey, Charnwood Forest.
GB200ADA 200th anniversary of the birth of Ada Lovelace (Byron’s daughter and computer visionary) at Newstead Abbey.
Yuletide QSO Party.

2014 & 2013

 Armed Forces Day 2013.
Commemoration of the Battle of Stoke Field. 2013.
HF & VHF field days - Mount St Bernard Abbey (Charnwood Forest). 2013.
GB1YHA – Youth Hostels Day. 2013.
GB1StG - St George’s Day at St George’s Church, Church Gresley, Staffs. 2014.
Hadrian’s Wall & Youth Hostel.
MC0PHX Phoenix in North Wales.
Robin Hood Hill Field Day.
PARC Yuletide QSO Party.
GB1BST – Start of British Summer Time, Mount St Bernard Abbey, Charnwood Forest.

Many of the UN/ITU/IARU events listed were represented in the UK only by PARC & YHARG.

To our knowledge, no other UK clubs commemorated the Magna Carta or Norman Conquest anniversaries.

Only four UK clubs commemorated a British scientist while the British Scientists Award was being undertaken, but only one of those credited PARC or mentioned the award during their operations. Local clubs in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Lincolnshire were invited to participate in many BritSci events, but none accepted the invitations and many did not even reply to the emails.