Poor HF Conditions - 'hunker down' or adapt?

Continuing poor HF band conditions and other difficulties suggest that PARC - like many clubs - will not be able to achieve very much (on-air) until conditions improve enough to enable the important parts of the PARC programme to continue reliably - that could be days, weeks or even months.

Some 'armchair' activities can be attempted. These easy because don't require any off-site activity like erecting antennas, or organising operating rotas, etc.

Similarly, I do not believe that portable events such as Railways on the Air at the NTHC, or GB0GMT at the BHI, or similar activities are worth attempting in the current circumstances.

Therefore PARC either needs to 'hunker down' until things improve or to adapt to the prevailing conditions - possibly both.

Your views on how to proceed are invited. Please indicate your views below. Your input is crucial.