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Shearsby Hill Computers, York

Score 8.8/10

We came across Shearsby Hill Computers rather by accident when looking for a high-powered laptop.

After a lengthy and very positive phone call PARC Secretary (G7HZZ) ordered a HP Pavillion 8640p with a HDD and RAM upgrade and (crucially) Windows 7Pro. The order date was 12 July.

There were a few delays to start with, all explained away by Shearsby, and not of great consequence. So, the opportunity to source MS-Office Pro (to include MS-Access) was taken, and Shearsby were able to do that 'affordably).

But there were more delays which were bothersome. It took nearly a month to prepare the laptop, but by way of compensation for the delay Shearsby added a docking station and an upgrade to a SSD in place of a HDD.

At this point all should have been really fine, with Shearsby losing maybe a point for the delay.

Shearsby Hill Computers appear to be slow in getting orders completed and this is why we can only give a score of  8.8/10  - it must be added though, that this is a start-up business and they are definitely trying to 'get up to speed'.