HF Propagation - 40m doldrums
April 2017

Propagation on 40m took a big hit on 1 March with a Coronal Hole affecting radio conditions by depressing the daily average Critical Frequency (foF2 0900-1700 UTC) to barely 5.2MHz. Since then, the Maximum Usable Frequency has only occasionally reached 6.3MHz which just permits UK-wide contacts on the 40m band. More coronal holes have occurred since then and have tended to depress the daily critical frequency even further making UK contacts on the 40m band very difficult or impossible most days.

Conditions are unlikely to improve significantly in the foreseeable future and will inevitably deteriorate further as summer approached.  In these circumstances PARC cannot hear any stations from most of the UK and it is virtually impossible to operate our 'usual' exciting programme - sadly it's all beyond our control.

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May Day - Beltane
MX0YHA on air 29 April - 1 May
MX0PHX 30 April - 1 May

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Source: Space Weather Services, Bureau of Meteorology, Government of Australia

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Phoenix Amateur Radio Club

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Youth Hostels Amateur Radio Group MX0YHA

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The Phoenix Amateur Radio Club is based around Nottingham and Derby, but operates as a 'virtual club' with many members in other parts of the country. We are a very small club but do a lot more on-air activities than any other club in the East Midlands, or beyond.  Two special interest groups are affiliated to the PARC, each with their own callsigns and usually their own programmes, although thet participate in many of the full club activities.

PARC's aim is to do a wide range of activities, being innovative wherever and whenever possible and not to be 'stuck in a rut' like many clubs, whose mainstay activities are weekly talks on valve testers, refurbishing AVO meters, classic cars of the 1990s or developments in RTTY using the Dragon 32 . . .  and drinking tea.

Our Callsigns


PARC's principle callsign is M0PHX. To identify this as a club callsign being used in England a regional locator ('X') is added. The callsign that is normally used is therefore MX0PHX. Other regional locators may be used at times.

Most PARC activities using MX0PHX are undertaken from the club's HQ in Nottingham (the licensed address).
The suffix used to indicate portable operations (/P) is used during field activities otherwise it is omitted.  The station location is always given on-air according to UK licence conditions.
The YHARG & VRG call signs work in a similar way.

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