On 30 August 1916 Ernest Shackleton completed his epic journey to rescue the crew of the Endurance, which had been crushed by ice in the Weddell Sea in November 1915. Remarkably, all lives were saved.

The rescue will be commemorated during 'Endurance Week' 24-31 August 2016 with a number of special radio activities from the UK and around the world. Modern-day scientific researchers and institutions are invited to participate.

 GB100E will be on air along with many stations connected with polar exploration and research. 'Endurance Week' will also raise awareness of polar research being undertaken by many nations and institutions today, and anyone with an interest in polar exploration and research is invited to participate.

GB100E will be operating ssb on whatever bands are available 80-10m

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The Historical Events

On 21 November 1915, having been trapped in ice, Ernest Shackleton's ship Endurance was crushed and sank in the Weddell Sea, stranding the crew on the Antarctic Continent. Shackleton's plan was to take their small boats over the ice and then by sea a total of 346 miles northwards to reach relative safety on Elephant Island. Most of the Endurance crew 'hunkered down' on Elephant Island while Shackleton and five others took an open boat 720 miles north to South Georgia. There Shackleton and two men walked 32 miles over snow-covered mountains to Stromness whaling station to organise a rescue of all of the Endurance crew on Elephant Island and those remaining on S. Georgia.

Finally, on 30 August 1916, after three failed attempts, Shackleton rescued every man of the Endurance's crew. He subsequently organised the rescue of the imperilled Ross Sea Party on the opposite side of the Antarctic Continent.

red - route of Endurance; yellow - escape across the ice;
green - open boat journey; blue - Shackleton's routt to S. Georgia;
pink & orange - the Rosss Sea party's routes.
The proposed Antarctic crossing via the Pole is also marked.

Photographs by Frank Hurley

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Endurance Crew


Hurley's famous night shot

Endurance in Weddell Sea

Trapped in ice


Last throes of the Endurance November 1915


Abandon ship


Heading for safety

Launching the James Caird from Elephant Island

(heading for S. Georgia)


30 August 1916

'The Rescue'


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Links to Polar Exploration and Research Organisations

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(Royal Museums Greenwich)
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Athy Heritage Centre
Kildare, IRL
(Shackleton's Birthplace)

Shackleton Museum
Kildare, IRL

The Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

National Maritime Museum Cornwall - Falmouth, UK

UK Antarctic Heritage Trust

US Antarctic Programme / NSF

Austrailian Antarctic Division

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