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Phoenix Academy gives our children wonderful opportunities to soar academically while they excel at sports with an inspired spirit of camaraderie.  We aim to provide for our greatest resource, an environment which nurtures an ethos of excellence, distinguished by dedication and perseverance.


Against a backdrop of inadequate facilities for sports, specifically cricket, a prevalent negative work ethic in Barbados, we have started a sports-educational program for our children. Phoenix Academy has initially been started at the community level and will set the highest standards for subsequent satellite facilities to emulate. While the intention is to target grassroots Barbados, the Academy is designed to include everyone. The Phoenix Academy is at the embryonic stage of preparing for a proposed Wings Academy on a centralized 20- acre site. 


  • To create facilities and programs that empower our young children to be all they can be 

  • To foster a positive work ethic among the youth 

  • To nurture a love for sport, zest for life and a desire to excel 

  • To develop young minds and improve self-confidence. 

  • To restore pride in West Indies cricket, by harnessing and nurturing the talents of our youth