Ubuntu "Desktop use"

Codecs, drivers, tips, etc.. 

Ubuntu is pretty good distribution, ideal for desktop/home use, with all mainly needed software on 1CD. With easy installer, and stable content.

But the fact it is, that it is "free", so many proprietary and "non-free" content is not included by default, instead, they are in additional repositories. You can manually enable them via System->Administration->Software sources, and enable repos: universe, non-free, multiverse. And then start Synaptic package manager, to be able to search for codecs by search requests like: mp3, dvd, xvid, etc.

Another option, is to use automated software, to do all this stuff. There's two programs called Automatix and Easyubuntu. I prefer first one, cause it uses ubuntu's own repos. Please, follow the following links, install corresponding version, and enjoy: