Eyes Turned Inward 

A Home for Creative Writing, Game Design, and Everything Else, in the Name of Self Discovery... 

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Hello, and welcome to the latest bastion for creative works on the internet! In other words, welcome to lots and lots of text. Like most self-indulgent  small web pages, you'll find plenty of essays (known to the rest of the world as 'rants') on a variety of subjects, ranging from whimsical to introspective. 

More importantly, you are currently looking at a repository for my poetry, short stories, and my (strictly for fun) Game Design projects for the Dungeons and Dragons pen and paper roleplaying game. Why is all this important, you ask? Simply put, I'm after more than just a place on the web to show off my writing prowess.If that's really all I wanted, I'd open up a Deviant Art account and let that be that.

My hope is to entertain, but also to inspire. I'm not here to make it big or strike it rich, but to carve out a small corner for myself and find my voice. I'd like to do it out here in the open because this is precisely the sort of growth most people don't get to see. Talking to people, I've noticed a general sense that a writer is "bad" if they can't deliver excellence on the first attempt, and this belief causes a lot of people to give up on writing when their early attempts fail to live up to the works of the great writers of the past. 

Well, of course that's not going to happen. The great works are the results of a lifetime's worth of work, and even if the writers who produced them were talented, they didn't start off writing at that level. You never got to see them grow into it because the growth writing was never published, never public. I am not arrogant enough to claim to be the next Emily Dickinson, but I know I can write, and I know I'm going to keep writing and keep getting better at it. I am not afraid to show imperfection if it helps even one other person realize it's all right to allow for imperfections in themselves. 

So please. Watch me write. Watch me struggle. Watch me grow. It's going to be an interesting journey...