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2019-20 Tentative Schedule
Wed 12/11AwayLCN7:00
Tues 12/17HomeLC7:00
Fri 12/20Sc4PH (tourn)7:30
Sat 12/21Sc4CL or GPS (tourn)4:30 or 6:00
Sat 12/28Sc4TBDEvening- TBA
Thurs 1/9AwaySouth Lake7:00
Tues 1/14HomeFraser7:00
Fri 1/17AwayWWT7:00
Tues 1/21HomeSt. Clair7:00
Thurs 1/23AwaySterling Heights7:00
Tues 1/28HomeSouth Lake7:00
Thurs 1/30AwayFraser7:30
Tues 2/4HomeWWT7:00
Thurs 2/6AwaySt. Clair7:30
Tues 2/11HomeSterling Heights7:00
Thu 2/14AwayPort Huron7:00
Thurs 2/20HomeMAC Tourney TBD7:00
Tues 2/25TBDMAC Tourney TBD7:00
Fri 2/28TBDMAC Tourney TBD7:00
Thurs 3/5HomeMarysville7:00
Junior Varsity
Wed 12/11AwayLCN5:30
Tues 12/17HomeLC5:30
Thurs 12/19Sc4PH (tourn)7:30
Sat 12/21Sc4CL or GPS (tourn)1:00 or 2:30
Thurs 1/9AwaySouth Lake5:30
Tues 1/14HomeFraser5:30
Fri 1/17AwayWWT5:30
Tues 1/21HomeSt. Clair5:30
Thurs 1/23AwaySterling Heights5:30
Tues 1/28HomeSouth Lake5:30
Thurs 1/30AwayFraser6:00
Tues 2/4HomeWWT5:30
Thurs 2/6AwaySt. Clair6:00
Tues 2/11HomeSterling Heights5:30
Thu 2/14AwayPort Huron5:30
Thurs 2/20HomeMAC Tourney TBD5:30
Tues 2/25TBDMAC Tourney TBD5:30
Fri 2/28TBDMAC Tourney TBD5:30
Thurs 3/5HomeMarysville5:30
9th Grade
Wed 12/11AwayLCN4:00
Tues 12/17HomeLC4:00
Thurs 12/19Sc4PH (tourn)6:00
Sat 12/21Sc4CL or GPS (tourn)10 or 11:30 AM
Thurs 1/9AwaySouth Lake4:00
Tues 1/14HomeFraser4:00
Fri 1/17AwayWWT4:00
Tues 1/21HomeSt. Clair4:00
Thurs 1/23AwaySterling Heights4:00
Tues 1/28HomeSouth Lake4:00
Thurs 1/30AwayFraser4:30
Tues 2/4HomeWWT4:00
Thurs 2/6AwaySt. Clair4:30
Tues 2/11HomeSterling Heights4:00
Thu 2/14AwayPort Huron4:00
Thurs 2/20HomeMAC Tourney TBD4:00
Tues 2/25TBDMAC Tourney TBD4:00
Fri 2/28TBDMAC Tourney TBD4:00
Thurs 3/5HomeMarysville4:00