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Word Blocks

A fun and simple word game, involving unscrambling the letters to create words. Each level consists of scrambled words that you need to unscramble. Words are themed (Farm Animals, Common Fruits, Colors, World Cities and more), and when you find a word, those characters disappear. Difficulty increases as you go along, with more words on the screen at once, and more scrambling.
There are two levels of difficulty, Easy lets you skip up to 3 levels, and you have unlimited time to find the words. Hard, each level is timed, and there is no skipping.
A fun game that also improved your mind, and your word skills. 
Version 1.1 is waiting for approval, so should be along any day now. It gives you the option to see all possible words in the easy section, and lets you remove all words chosen by double clicking x button. Also adds sound effects.
Full Version for 99c

Aussie Insult Generator with Speech

This is a brand new version of the Aussie Insult Generator, now with speech.
- generates a brand new insult every click
- speaks the accent in genuine Aussie accent
- even more insults (now over 200,000)
- information page, with some history of australian slang
And anyone who claims that they haven't heard these insults before is a city loving scrounger with a head like a dunny door! Everyone of these has been collected carefully over years of extensive research, hiding in sheep stations, underground hovels and unsavory pubs, listening to the yokels converse!
And there are lots of Colloquialism in this app, which might appear misspelled to the untrained, but that is deliberate. The correct slang spellings are used.
A professional voice actor was used to give the insults some life, sounding like a cross between Alf Stewart from Home and Away, and the great Sam Kekovich.
Full Version for 99c

Insult Me

Need a fancy insult to put someone in their place? Feeling too confident, and need to be brought back down to Earth? Tired of not having a witty comeback for that joker at work or school?

This is the Application for you. Insult me has thousands of witty insults, ready to use and abuse anybody you like or don't like. The new versions (submitted 9/Feb/2009) includes twice as many insults as the last, plus huge load of great historical insults. Also comes with a handy email feature, so you can email your insult directly to the poor person.
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iPreg - Pregnancy Calendar

iPreg is your personal pregnancy calendar, to aid you through this exciting time. Use iPreg to follow your baby's development from conception. Important advice on having a healthy pregnancy, find out what's going on with your own body and the baby inside, and receive tips on getting ready for baby and more. Find out how your baby is growing and changing, including bits of information to keep you informed. Enter your due date or conception date, and we will do the rest. Check in every week for an update on your progress.
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iPickup - chat lines

This app is a free source of the best, funny and the most cheesy chat-up lines (pick-up lines). A huge number of Pickup Lines guaranteed to help you with the ladies. If one doesn't work, then simply press the button for another one. Also includes the ability to email the pickup line to your luck friend directly from the application. And each pickup line is accompanied by an inspiring picture.
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A fun game, involving popping bubbles on the screen with your finger. Your aim is to pop the 10 Red bubbles, as quickly as you can. Avoid popping other bubbles. This game gets quick fast, and a number of obstacles are thrown at you, to make things hard. Quick, simple, fun, pop!
Full Version - Lite Version

Event Countdown

Event Countdown lets you create a countdown to a specific event, and track how far away that event is. All events are sorted on the main page, for easy reference, with the name of the event, how long until it happens, and a clear little picture. Great little utility for keeping track of exciting events, like your birthday, or holidays.
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This application provides over 10,000 quotations from 1,000s of authors. Quotes are randomly selected from the collection by an automatic routine. Also includes a number of inspirational backgrounds to go with the quotations.
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The Dog House

A number of barks from all different dogs. Including Beagle, American Boxer, Bulldog, Bloodhound, Collie, Dalmatian, Siberian Husky, Labrador, Chihuahua, Pug, Sharpie and Rottweiler. 12 sounds in all, with 12 cute images of the dogs. Can play multiple barks at once, you can play so many it sounds like you are in a kennel

One for the dog lovers.
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Poker Hands

Poker Hands ranks all possible poker hands from the best (Royal Flush) to the worst (High-card) in our comprehensive poker hand ranking. Also included are examples of each possible hand, as well as the probability for each hand.
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