Prairie-Hills Junior High Library Media Center

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We are your 24-7 guide to research, great books and other resources.

      PHJH Library Mission: 
In collaboration with faculty, to guide students in the acquisition of those skills needed for both lifelong learning and lifelong reading. 

The PHJH library will provide access to the materials and space to develop and practice effective and responsible habits for research and reading.

The PHJH Library serves the over 900 students at Prairie-Hills Junior High School.  Each week, 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade classes visit the library to:
  • Develop a lifelong love for reading
  • Learn and apply research and information literacy skills,
  • Learn how libraries are organized 
  • Choose books for informational and pleasure reading.
Mrs. Oliver, our librarian, and media center staff oversee a dynamic collection of over 11,000 books and other research materials. 

The PHJH Library is a vibrant, interactive learning environment.  Students create multimedia projects as extensions of classroom learning, access both print and online resources for research, engage in discussions using an interactive whiteboard, and use a web-based catalog system to search for educational and pleasure reading materials.   

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