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Established in 2009 by Marcus and Ivy Epsilon, Carnival Epsilon is a classic traveling sideshow with a humorous twist.
Since it's founding, the show has toured the country, performing at state fairs, conventions, and gatherings of all kinds.

We've got all the classics, including: 
Sword Swallowing
Sword Walking
Glass Eating
Glass Walking
 Bed of Screws
Human Blockhead
And MUCH more!
And for outdoor or fire-safe venues:
Fire Eating
Fire Breathing
Fire Spinning
For Booking Info Contact:
Marcus Epsilon

Meet the Cast:

Marcus Epsilon

Marcus is the twisted mind behind Carnival Epsilon. 

Swallowing swords, walking on machetes, and napping on a bed of screws are his version of a great day! 

Of course after a long day of hard work, anyone would appreciate a warm meal! So he's taken to eating light bulbs... his dentist is not amused. 

When he's got a bit of free time, he does enjoy pursuing some more artistic endeavors... 

Specifically, he likes carving apples. With a chainsaw!

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Ivy Epsilon

Ivy is a bit of an Oddity... She seems to have a supernatural tolerance for pain! 

How exactly does one discover this latent ability? We're not entirely sure, but it's something to do with a school for criminally insane children and Yoda... Yeah. 

She's quite something to watch however, sticking her tongue into a mousetrap, and somehow fitting dinnerware and drills up her nose!! 

Any doubts of her abilities are quickly dispelled after witnessing her sew a button to herself!

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Phi Remi

Phi has a bit of an obsession with shiny things. Give her a can of bubbles and she'll be amused for hours. 

One day, as Marcus was pondering the best way to secure an apple for his chainsaw carving hobby, he decided to test a theory. 

Could he bribe Phi with shiny things? 

Yep. Phi will happily hold an apple in her mouth as Marcus carves it, with a chainsaw inches away from her face!!

She will also jump around  barefoot in a pile of glass, when given the proper motivation!

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Cotter Pin

Cotter Pin is the show's canine component. His repertoire of skills is vastly superior to those of a common canine! 

This includes a very skilled demonstration of acrobatics involving a hoop, as well as an educational exercise in how to pretend to die when confronted by toy guns!

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