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Welcome to the Phinney Market Pub & Eatery, your community pub.  


The Phinney Market works with local farmers and fisherman to bring you the best sustainable organic meats, produce, and dairy the Pacific Northwest has to offer.  We source food from the farm and bring it straight to the table.  Our focus is on in-season fresh food, which can change often as the season progresses.


An all-inclusive community pub CAN work and we’ve done lots to make sure everyone is comfortable and accommodated in our restaurant.  You will notice a very large community table down the center of the restaurant.  Please consider choosing to dine there with your neighbors.  Think of it as a chance to meet someone new.

We pride ourselves on preparing delicious food and providing a satisfying array of beverages.  If you have any dietary restrictions or would like your food prepared a particular way, please let us know!  We would love to accommodate your request or suggestion.

We encourage you to visit Phinney Market during various times of the day.  While it is a lively place to eat dinner with family and friends in the evening, it is a rejuvenating place to start the day with the best coffee in Seattle and a quiet and cozy place for an end of the evening glass of wine.  

Thank you for being our guest!

The Phinney Market Team  

Hours of Operation

Monday - Thursday

Breakfast 8 to 11

Lunch 11 to 3

Dinner 5 to 9

Happy Hour 9 to 10


    Breakfast 8 to 11

    Lunch 11 to 3

Dinner 5 to 10

Happy Hour 9 to 11  

Saturday and Sunday

    Brunch 8 to 2

    Dinner 2 to 11

Happy Hour 9 to 11

Phinney Market Pub & Eatery


5918 Phinney Avenue N.
Seattle, WA 98103

 (just north of the Woodland Park Zoo)