Works in Progress

All Images Are Property of Philip Wesson .

Here is where you can find some of the things that I am presently working on, both for NG and other projects.

To date, all my work is done with NewTek's Lightwave (Version 7.0-8.0) and Adobe Photoshop (Version 7).



Comic Page

So I decided to try my hand at (finally) putting together a page in my story. This one is the start of the second chapter, when one of the protagonists is thinking to himself after being attacked by other villagers. Backgrounds in the left panels have intentionally been left out for now. I plan on putting very screened out, almost nonexistant backgrounds in to signify how out of place this character feels. 
In the opposite panels, his sister is fighting off his attackers. This page is the first to show the relationship between the brother and sister, as well as their troubled relationship between with the other people living in the village.  


Old World Sword

This short one handed sword is an idea that I've been trying to formulate as an example of the old world (vs. the new present day world in the NG universe). I want to try to convey a sense of an older, more aesthetically minded society. More of a blending of art and fucntion than just function. 

Things to do for this model:

  • Tweak model, adding little bits of detail into the pommel and blade
  • Make UV Texture maks for rust on the blade and guard, as well as wrappings on the hilt.
  • Make the bump map for the emblem that will be used in many of the Old World artifacts.