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For reasons passing understanding, though possibly involving a bottle of a pleasant 18-year old single malt, I decided to apply for a place in the 2008 Flora London Marathon, back in August.

Let me first point out that the chances of getting a place are slim. More than 120,000 people apply for about 37,000 places. At the time I thought "I probably won't get in, so I can say I tried, get some sympathy from the gesture," and then happily get back to lounging around.


Unfortunately, I forgot to take account of the fact that the universe hates me and wants me to suffer.


I assume it's Lancastrian.


Because the universe and I have a bit of an ongoing grudge, I resisted the strong urge to write back to the organisers and tell them I've been eaten by badgers so can't take part. Instead, I'm calling the universe's bluff!

So I'm "delighted" to inform you that on the morning of 13 April 2008, I, Philip Sutcliffe, will be running around London wearing shorts.


To ensure the universe doesn't get the upper hand, I've decided to seal my decisions by promising to raise money for Asthma UK. This way, guilt at letting them down will make sure I don't bottle it.


Asthma's not the sexiest health problem, but it does affect millions of people across the UK. It's also close to my heart as my long-suffering better half suffers from it. I'm hoping to raise a couple of grand for them so get your hands in your pockets!


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