Play at Work


(from Play, by Stuart Brown, MD with Christopher Vaughan)

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Can play at work itself be useful? Stuart Brown says, it is essential. 

Let me share what he writes about working together as a team.   

   “There’s nothing like true play to promote social cohesion at work.  When people play, they become attuned to each other.  The more powerful players handicap themselves to keep the game going instead of dominating and controlling it.  Groups pull together in pursuit of a common goal, which is why the “team” approach is often utilized in business.  Team-building exercises often involved play” solving puzzles, building bridges with cardboard, or going through an obstacle course.  We talk about working together as a team, but it might be more beneficial and productive to talk  about people playing together as a team. When people graduate from working as a team to playing as a team, they will really allow themselves to compete fully and with gusto against other teams inside and outside the company.”

  “Remember the feeling of true play, and let that be your guiding star.  You don’t have to be irresponsible or walk away from your job and your family to find that feeling again.  If you make the emotion of play your North Star, you will find a true and successful course through life, one in which work and play are bound together.”

                                                            -   shared by: Bless de Asis