Deep Play - a quote from Diane Ackerman's book


Diane Ackerman



Deep. Adj. 1. The most intense or extreme part.

2. Profoundly absorbed or immersed. 

3. A distance estimated in fathoms.


-      The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language,3rd edition


PLAY.  It is an activity which proceeds within certain limits of time and space, in a visible order, according to rules freely accepted, and outside the sphere of necessity or material utility.  The play-mood is one of rapture and enthusiasm, and is sacred or festive in accordance with the occasion.  A feeling of exaltation and tension accompanies the action.


     -     Johan Huizinga, Homo Ludens


"The spirit of deep play is central to the life of each person, and also to society, inspiring the visual, musical, and verbal arts; exploration and discovery; war; law; and other elements of culture we've come to cherish (or dread).  Swept up by the deepest states of play, one feels balanced, creative, focused.  Deep play is a fascinating hallmark of being human; it reveals our need to seek a special brand of transcendence, with a passion that makes thrill-seeking explicable, creativity possible, and religion inevitable." 

            *shared by Aileen L. Sison