Events and research activities involving the project team.
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31 August 2016 The project officially ends, but our research into optimism will continue! Follow us on Twitter at @optimismbias. 
7 July 2016 Lisa Bortolotti is a plenary speaker at the Annual Meeting of the British Society for the Philosophy of Science with a paper entitled: "What's Positive about Positive Illusions?" 
2 July 2016 Anneli presents her paper "On thinking you're great and being good" at the Society of Applied Philosophy Annual Conference, in Belfast, UK 
14 June 2016 Anneli gives a talk entitled "Is Optimism Good for Us?" and presents the project at the Hope and Optimism Conference in Colorado 
20 May 2016 Lisa Bortolotti presents on "Rationality, Success and Wellbeing", Wellbeing Research on Campus, Westmere PGR Hub, University of Birmingham. 
9 May 2016 Lisa Bortolotti delivers her inaugural lecture on "Agency without Rationality", University of Birmingham. 
11 April 2016 Anneli Jefferson asks 'Is unrealistic Optimism a form of Error Management?' at the Affective Brain Lab, UCL 
14 March 2016 Public engagement event "Tricked by memory" with Anneli Jefferson, Kathy Puddifoot and Magdalena Antrobus, chaired by Lisa Bortolotti, Arts and Science Festival, University of Birmingham. 
26 February 2016 Day 2 of the project workshop: Lisa presents a paper entitled "Optimism Bias and Engaged Agency". 
25 February 2016 Day 1 of the project workshop: Anneli presents a paper entitled "Is the Optimism Bias an Adaptation?". 
4 February 2016 Lisa Bortolotti talks about costs and benefits of positive illusions at the False but Useful Workshop in London, organised by project PERFECT. 
26 January 2016 Anneli Jefferson gives a talk on unrealistic optimism and evolution at the language and cognition seminar at King's College London 
18 January 2016 Lisa Bortolotti participates in a public event organised by the Forum of European Philosophy at the LSE, entitled "Emotions: Do they control us?". 
16 December 2015 Anneli Jefferson on "How Unrealistic is Unrealistic Optimism?", at the Workshop 'Beliefs that Feel Good'', University of Basel, Switzerland 
30 November 2015 Anneli Jefferson presents at the Philosophy of Science Seminar at the Centre of Excellence in the Philosophy of the Social Sciences, Helsinki. Title: "Born to be Biased? Evolutionary Explanations of the Optimism Bias". 
24 November 2015 Lisa Bortolotti presents a paper entitled "When Is Optimism Good for You?" at the COGS Research Seminar at the University of Sussex. 
18 November 2015 Anneli Jefferson gives a talk at the Work-in-Progress Seminar, Philosophy Department, University of Birmingham. 
1 September 2015 The Costs and Benefits of Optimism project starts today! 
27 June 2015 Anneli Jefferson speaks at the Workshop on Falsity, Birkbeck University. Her paper is entitled: "False beliefs with a purpose". 
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