Philosophy of Consciousness (PHIL 387H)
James Bresnahan (James.Bresnahan@scranton.edu) & Brian Entler (Brian.Entler@scranton.edu)
Instructed by: George Aulisio
Affiliates: The University of Scranton, Philosophy Department

It is the goal of this tutorial to guide our understanding of the current philosophical beliefs regarding the mental state of consciousness.  We will include many aspects of the mind, body, brain, and how they interrelate.  With backgrounds in Neuroscience and Biology we hope to use this tutorial to fully understand different current perspectives on the arousal of the conscious state, other associated mind states, alterations of consciousness, and competing fields of consciousness.  This page will be updated in a weekly fashion as we conduct this tutorial throughout the Fall semester of 2012 at the University of Scranton.

Interest in this field came about when I, James Bresnahan, completed a prior tutorial with Dr. Tim Cannon; Neuroscience of Consciousness.