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  • Massimi, M. and Breitenbach, A. (eds.) (2017) Kant and the Laws of Nature, Cambridge University Press (link here).
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      • Review in Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews. Review in Metascience.
  • Massimi, M. (2005) Pauli’s Exclusion Principle. The Origin and Validation of a Scientific Principle (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press) [CUP link]
      • Review in British Journal for the Philosophy of Science. Review in Metascience. Review in Kantian Review. Review in Isis. Review in British Journal for the History of Science.

Edited Journal Special issues

  • Massimi, M. (ed.) (2013) Philosophy of natural science from Newton to Kant, Special Issue of Studies in History and Philosophy of Science 44, 393–493. See the Introduction.
  • Massimi, M. (ed.) (2014) Kant and the laws of nature, Special Issue of Kant-Studien 105 (4), 469-597. [journal link]
  • Breitenbach, A. and Massimi, M. (eds.) (forthcoming), Laws, Special Issue of The Monist.

Articles in Journals

  • Massimi, M. (forthcoming) "Perspectival modeling", Philosophy of Science. [PDF]
  • Massimi, M. (2017) "What is this thing called 'scientific knowledge'? Kant on imaginary standpoints and the regulative role of reason", Kant Yearbook Vol. 9/ 2017. [PDF] [journal link]
  • Massimi, M. (2017) "Laws of nature, natural properties, and the robustly best system", The Monist. [PDF][Open Access journal article]
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  • Massimi, M. (2016) "Four Kinds of Perspectival Truth", Philosophy and Phenomenological Research. [PDF]. [Open Access journal early view]
  • Massimi, M. (2016) "Three tales of scientific success", Philosophy of Science [PDF] [Open Access journal link]
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Articles in Books

  • Massimi, M. (forthcoming) "Perspectivism", in J. Saatsi (ed.) The Routledge Handbook on Scientific Realism (Routledge). [PDF]

  • Massimi, M. (forthcoming) "A Perspectivalist Better Best System Account of Lawhood", in L. Patton and W. Ott (eds.) Laws of Nature (Oxford University Press). [PDF]

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  • Massimi, M. (forthcoming) "Philosophy and the Chemical Revolution after Kant", in K. Ameriks (ed.) The Cambridge Companion to German Idealism (2nd edition, Cambridge University Press). PDF

  • Massimi, M. (scheduled publication date 2018) "Laws of nature and nomic necessity. Was Kant really a projectivist?". Proceedings of the 12. International Kant Kongress Nature and Freedom. Ed. Violetta Waibel and Margit Ruffing (Berlin: De Gruyter). PDF 

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In Preparation

  • Massimi, M. Perspectival Realism (monograph)