Teaching is something I care about and enjoy. I design courses around tangible issues along with the philosophical material that can motivate and help to resolve them, and I make it a priority to incorporate readings from philosophers and traditions under-represented in the profession and canon. I have had the opportunity to develop my teaching practice through a series of pedagogical workshops on topics including teaching technology and student engagement, experiential learning, managing difference in the classroom, and accommodating students with disabilities. I am a recipient of a University of Guelph "Teaching Development Program Passport".


Trent University

1100 Introduction to Moral and Political Philosophy; 1200 Critical Thinking; 2010 Love and Desire; 2110 Moral Issues; 2320 Existentialism; 2390 Biomedical Ethics; 2410 Symbolic Logic; 2780 Philosophy of Science; 3140 Justice & Rights; 3180 Social & Political Philosophy; 3210 Epistemology; 3220 Metaphysics; 3320 Language & Meaning; 3420 Modern Philosophy I—Reason and Revolution; 3430 Modern Philosophy II—The Enlightenment; 4310 Nietzsche's Moral Philosophy; 4310 Kant, Schopenhauer, and Nietzsche; 4530 19th Century Philosophy

University of Prince Edward Island

102 Introduction to Social Philosophy & Ethics; 111 Critical Thinking; 205 Business Ethics; 242 Philosophies of Love & Sexuality; 301 Philosophy of Science; 354 Philosophy of Mind; 385 The Philosophy of Kant; 409A Political Economy and Market Limits

McMaster University

1B03 Philosophy, Law, and Society

Hunter College

101 Introduction to Philosophy; 106 Philosophy, Politics, and Society

University of Guelph

3040 Philosophy of Law