Stephen Kearns [skearns at]

Hello, my name is Stephen Kearns. I'm an associate professor at Florida State University. I gained my B.Phil and D.Phil in Philosophy from the University of Oxford. My wife is Marcela Herdova, who is also a philosopher. Here's a list of my philosophy papers (see also

Published Papers

In praise of folly (Analysis)

Compatibilism can resist prepunishment (Analysis)

Reasons: Explanations or Evidence? (Ethics) with Daniel Star

Epistemicism about Vagueness and Meta-linguistic Safety (Philosophical Perspectives) with Ofra Magidor

Reasons as Evidence (Oxford Studies in Metaethics) with Daniel Star

Can a thing be part of itself? (American Philosophical Quarterly)

Responsibility for Necessities (Philosophical Studies)

Semantic Sovereignty (Philosophy and Phenomenological Research) with Ofra Magidor

Aborting the Zygote Argument (Philosophical Studies)

On Good Advice (Analysis) with Daniel Star

Weighing Reasons (Journal of Moral Philosophy) with Daniel Star

Reasons, Facts-About-Evidence, and Indirect Evidence (Analytic Philosophy) with Daniel Star

Free Will Agnosticism (Nous)

Bearing the Weight of Reasons (in Weighing Reasons, OUP, ed. Lord and Maguire)

Have Compatibilists Solved the Luck Problem for Libertarians? (in Philosophical Inquiries) with Alfred Mele

Reasons, Choice and Responsibility (forthcoming in The Oxford Handbook of Reasons and Normativity, ed. D. Star)

Get Lucky (Philosophical Explorations) with Marcela Herdova

This is a Tricky Situation (The Journal of Ethics) with Marcela Herdova

Finding the Value in Things (Philosophy and Phenomenological Research)

Weighing Explanations (Weighing and Reasoning, ed Hirose and Reisner)

Philosonnets (Think!)

Mind Control (forthcoming in an OUP volume on self-control, ed. A. Mele) with Marcela Herdova

Difficult Circumstances (Journal of Ethical Urban Living) with Marcela Herdova

Critical Notice of Being, Freedom and Method (Analysis)

Meno, Know-How: Oh No, What Now? (Australasian Journal of Philosophy)

The Bishop's Church: Berkeley's Master Argument and the Paradox of Knowability (Canadian Journal of Philosophy)

LeMans's Gontological Argument (Analysis)

Published Book Reviews

Incompatibilism's Allure, by Ishtiyaque Haji (Philosophical Review)

The Metaphysics of Everyday Life, by Lynne Rudder-Baker (Philosophical Review)

Types and Tokens, by Linda Wetzel (Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews)

Free Will and Modern Science, ed. Richard Swinburne (Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews)

Causation and Free Will, by Carolina Sartorio

Responsibility from the Margins, by David Shoemaker

Free Will and Epistemology, by Robert Lockie (NDPR)