Philosopher's Inc

 Ink your thoughts in music!

Philosopher's Inc steps into the previously uncharted territory of attempting to integrate philosophy and music, with most of the videos highlighting philosophical thoughts that make the viewer stop and think about the significance of events in life that are otherwise mundane. 

New Video Selfish / Altruistic is now online!

  • The video "The Many Faces of the Taj Mahal"  was used by IMCL and featured along with Academy Award winner A.R.Rahman's exclusive Taj anthem, in the 2007 campaign to vote the Taj Mahal into the list of the New 7 Wonders of the World. It was an honor to to have my video placed on the same page as Rahman's video, not to mention helping the Taj retain its rightful place among the wonders of the world! 
  • The 80's satire "Dance Fever" was featured on Comcast's digital music channel MVSpy in early 2007, after being voted as one of the top videos.
  • Six music videos have been released to date and can be viewed at the link below.