Upcoming Trip(s)

Upcoming Trips in 2016 to Jagna, Bohol

Our doctors and dentists will be providing primary and dental care for all trips!  

  • June 3 to 11, 2016  
  • November 4 - 11, 2016

Plan for February 2017 Trip to Bohol, Philippines

  1. Depart on February 3, 2017 
    1. Team will consist of at least 6 physicians and 8 other volunteers.
      1. Includes Internist, Infectious Disease Specialist, Rehab Specialist 
  2. Services to be provided 
    1. Primary care will be provided 
      1. With our partners in Jagna. 
      2. 800 patients will receive care.
      3. Patients will receive prescription medicine as needed including an on going supply of medications. 
      4. Monitoring of patients with in the Jagna Hypertension and Diabetes Program; there are 1500+ patients enrolled in this program. 
    2. Surgery by OB GYN and General Surgeon
  3. Local Philos nurses provide blood sugar and blood pressure testing, education and monthly medication distribution 
  4. Dental Care through our newly opened Children's Dental Clinic which is fully equipped and supplied. 
  5. On going program review and evaluation 
    1. Supplemental Feeding Program that serves 3000 children under 10; 600 seniors and 350 pregnant women daily.
    2. Jagna Community Radio, a non profit volunteer run FM radio station funded by Philos
    3. Rural Health Clinic funded by Philos