Maternal, Infant and Child Health

Data from the Philippines

  • 65% of the population is under the age of 30 
  • Maternal Mortality is the 46th highest in the world
  • Child Malnutrition ranks 19th highest in the world
  • Low weight babies 21%, 7th highest in the world
  • Infant mortality is 18.75/1000, ranked #100 in the world

 Philos Health Programs that address Maternal Infant and Child Health

  • Every pregnant woman receives prenatal vitamins.
  • Every child has a hot nutritious meal – 2500 kids a day, almost 1 million meals to date.
  • The Rural Health Center opened in 2010 with a birthing room for safe deliveries.
  • The Center expanded with funding from the Philippine Government.
  • Pregnant women have access to free ultrasound.
  • Women have access to free pap smears for the first time.
  • Women and children have access to more than 48 medicines for diabetes, hypertension and antibiotics and other diseases.
  • All children under 5 will have access to free children’s multi vitamins in 2013.
  • GYN surgery will be provided in 2013 for the 3rd year.
  • Training of midwives and physicians on improving care for MICH.
  • Incubators and training in their use was provided to the District Hospital in Jagna.
  • De worming medicine has been provided to all children.
  • Multi-vitamins for children, all children receive it daily.
  • All pregnant and lactating women revive prenatal vitamins.
  • In February 2015, the Philos surgical team will do its fifth trip.
  • The Rural Health Primary Care Center opened 2009. 
  • Total number of meals is more than 1 million.