Jagna, Bohol

Jagna, a rural community of 32,000 is located in the central Philippines in the Province of Bohol.  The town has two small rural health care centers (one built by Philos) each with a physician two nurses and 6 midwives.  The new health center includes treatment rooms for primary care and a  "birthing room".    The Municipality of Jagna with its mayor, Fortunato Abrenilla is our partner.  The District Hospital has 25 beds and is a unit of the Provincial Government.  Both the Health Center and the District Hospital are severely lacking in medical equipment and supplies and have limited medicine.  The nearest hospital with additional services is in Tagblarian, the capital of Bohol, about 1 hour away.  (Bohol map)

Many of the residents of Jagna live in mountainous barangay (villages) which are as much as an hour away from the "town center".  Of the 33 barangay that make up Jagna, 17 of the poorest have residents with incomes of less than $2 US per  person per day.  They are primarily farmers growing rice, corn or coconuts and many do not own their land.  As subsistence farmers they have little access to health care and few resources to obtain needed medicine. 

Other barangay are on the coast and residents are mostly fishermen.  Emergency care is virtually non-existent.  About 75% of the births are at home, attended by a midwife or a birth attendant (hilot)  Prenatal care is generally available and provided by the midwives.   

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