Community Radio

Jagna DYJP 100.1 FM is now broadcasting to Jagna and nearby towns 7 days a week as the first Community Radio Station in Bohol.

A volunteer-run FM radio station, it broadcasts on topics of local interest to the people of Jagna with a focus on:

  • Health Education
  • Culture
  • Stories of interest to students
  • Agriculture on the Air for farmers
  • Programs for teachers
  • Other sectors of the community
Local music and news of municipal events highlight the stations broadcasts.

A local media council oversees the operations of the radio station and provide training and guidance.
  • Louie Tabing from the Tambuli Project based in Manila
  • Choy Anutildo who is retired from UNESCO
  • Bharat Koirala, a founder of Community Radio in Nepal
Thirty volunteers who are representing a broad cross section of the community have been trained as producers and broadcasters.

In addition to local sources for program content, DYJP also uses content from:
  • National Institute for Health in US (NIH)
  • United Nations Radio
  • ISIS International
John A. Kent of New York City generously provided funds for the Jagna Community Radio. The acquisition of a license from the Philippines occurred in early 2009.

The station received a grant from the Provincial Department of Agriculture to do a series of program for farmers. 

Three radio volunteers are getting ready to travel to the typhoon damaged city of Ormoc, Leyte to report for two days on the reconstruction and the lives of those impacted the the largest typhoon ever to hit land anywhere in the world. They will also report on the rebuilding projects Philos has been working on with the NGO IsraAid. 

Philos supported the rebuilding of a badly damaged health care center, a day care center including supplies, desks, etc. Also, Philos is providing boats with motors to fishermen who lost theirs.