Health Care Planning

  • Developed a partnership in August 2004 with the Municipality of Jagna, Province of Bohol, Philippines.
  • Opened a new rural health center in a mountain village that provides primary care and has a birthing room that provides an alternative to home deliveries.  In 2012 the Provincial Government funded expansion of the Center.
  • The operating room of the local hospital has been fully outfitted for surgery with all equipment, supplies and medicine provided.  Local surgeons perform basic surgery.
  • Purchased a SUV to enable the newly hired local doctor to provide primary care in the upland barangay (villages).
  • Established a volunteer-run community radio station in Jagna that features news, education, music and stories from the local community.

Medical Equipment and Supplies

  • Shipped more than 60 tons of medical equipment and supplies.
  • Every pregnant woman has access to free prenatal vitamins
  • Provide an ongoing supply of 46 essential medicines including antibiotics, anti hypertensive and diabetes medicine and vitamins.  All medicine is free and includes education on proper use.  Chronically ill patients are monitored for medication compliance.  4000 to 5000 prescriptions are filled monthly.
  • Outfitted the town’s new ambulance with a full array of equipment and supplies.
  • Provided 6 infant incubators – the first available in Jagna and trained staff to use them.

Health Care Training

  • Conducted a day-long educational seminar for doctors and nurses (70) from throughout the Province of Bohol on the Basic Concepts of Rehabilitation Medicine and related topics.
  • Enlisted a volunteer Infectious Disease Physician Specialist to train local health care providers in management of infectious diseases and help develop infection control procedures.
  • A volunteer radiologist and ultrasound technicians have provided training to local health providers in use of a donated ultrasound machine.  More than 1000 women have received ultrasound to date
  • Trained local providers in hypertension management.  

Screening and Treatment

    Hearing Loss

  • Provided hearing screening to 500 first graders in Jagna. 
  • Provided additional pediatric ear exams, antibiotic treatments and training in the use otoscopes.
  • Provided 55 hearing aids with solar batteries.

    Diabetes and Hypertension

  • Two local Philos nurses manage 1500+ people with diabetes and hypertension.  Each village is visited monthly by nurses who distribute medicine, conduct BP and blood sugar testing and provide education
  • Established a database of all diabetic patients and taught local providers to screen, monitor and manage patients with diabetes.
  • Diabetes control is at similar levels to US data based on HbA1c scores.

   Primary Care

  • Provided primary care for tens of thousands of residents in all 33 barangay in Jagna and provided medicine and education.
  • Treatment was provided for respiratory infections, skins diseases, TB, hypertension and many other aliments for individuals who had not seen a doctor in over a year.


  • Sponsored a Disability Day in Jagna that brought 120 disabled patients together for the first time for education and medical services.  The group is chaired by the first person Philos fitted for bilateral prosthesis.
  • Brought a prosthesis specialist on four trips who fitted 17 people with artificial legs and arms and provided others with braces that have enabled them to become independent.
  • Provided specialized rehab services to dozens of kids with special needs.


  • Five surgical teams provided major GYN and general surgeries in 2011-2014 with the next trip planned for February 3, 2016.  Teaming up with a local anesthesiologists and local operating room nurses, surgeries changed the lives of those served.these woman.  Emergency C-sections performed by the team saved the life of a young mother and her baby on each of the 5 surgical trips!