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Officer's Guide

This page is designed to make the year-to-year transition run smoothly. New officers should check here for a list of stuff that officers often do. Old officers should help contribute to the list.

  1. Website
    • Access to this site should be passed on from officer to officer. To pass grant access, go to settings, and select "share this site".
    • How you use the site is up to you, but it is useful to continue the list of "topics". It both lets people outside the club see what we do in the club and allows future officers to have a backlog of topic ideas.
    • If you have time, edit some of the other sections. Editing the "Department News" to include recent calls for papers is useful. And updating the "Study Abroad" section helps encourage people to get outside their comfort zone. Aside from these, general site upkeep once a year should be sufficient.
  2. OSAS
    • All university clubs need to be registered through OSAS.
    • They're pretty flexible on registration dates, but keep in mind that you cannot get funding from OSAS unless you're registered with them.
    • They require that new officers attend a short (30 min.) presentation so that you can get acquainted with the various programs designed to help out student organizations.
  3. Listserv
    • One of the biggest challenges for running the club is listserv management. Here are some suggestions:
    • Get access to listserv management. Both Prof. Lara and Prof. Mahoney currently have access. This will allow you to add members to the listserv ASAP. This is necessary as the listserv is your primary means of communication with the club between meetings.
    • Don't spam the listserv. It's often hard to know how many emails is too many. I recommend you collaborate on content and send out no more than 2 emails a week.
    • Still, use the listserv. Although you don't want to spam the listserv, you also don't want to ignore it. Club members are fickler than you might think. You'll notice attendance dropoff if you stop sending emails. Shoot for 1-2 a week.
  4. Calendar
    • We have a google calendar that seems to get used on occasion. To be honest, it's probably redundant if you're vigilant in using the Listserv, but it's a useful resource nonetheless. Access to the calendar should be passed on at the same time access to the site is.