The site can now be reached at www.philmontexplorer.com
My name is Joseph Hyman. I'm an Eagle Scout, associate crew advisor for Venture Crew 67 of Choctaw, Oklahoma, and a Philmont nut. You can see some of my Philmont photography over at Panoramio and Picasa.

This site began in 2008 as a project to make trek selection easier for our local Philmont contingent. Since then its been growing into an all-in-one Philmont resource. This is a work in progress; I'll be improving the design and adding more information whenever I can.

You can browse through all of the current itineraries by clicking the 2010 Itineraries link on the left.

Have a question, comment, suggestion, or something you'd like to put on the site? Shoot me an email at thephilmontexplorer@gmail.com.

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