Wilderness Survival Lite!

Post date: Apr 17, 2017 12:07:55 PM

What if you were hiking and were caught out in the backcountry overnight? What are the essentials needed to survive (and what is the order of priority for those essentials?) The best way to avoid panic in any kind of emergency is to practice. Troop 1719 has been on several "Wilderness Survival Lite" adventures. No tents, uncertain food, no fresh water; just the items one might bring on a picnic or hike. What makes this a "lite" adventure is that sleeping bags were allowed, the food was stashed in secret, and we brought a giant tarp and lots of rope. The Scouts and leaders camping in Weiser State Forest (Port Clinton Tract) had a very successful event, boiling spring water, "foraging" for hidden stashes of food, rigging the tarp against the wind. Success in overcoming one kind of challenge translates into problem-solving confidence for other challenges!