About The Quarterstaff Scouts

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is the premier youth-development organization in the nation and the world. Founded in England in the 1900s and brought to American in 1910, Scouting guides youth to have adventures, take on leadership, learn citizenship, and be rewarded for doing the right thing at all times.

The Quarterstaff Scouts, founded in 2011, train together with Scout staves (or staffs) to perform impressive precision drills. As a "performance" troop, the members of Troop 1719 must commit to attendance, practice, and school success in order to retain active membership.

The Troop is supported by the First United Methodist Church of Germantown (Philadelphia, PA) and relies on the active participation of the Troop Committee.

Membership is open to boys ages 11 - 15 and they may stay involved as a youth member until age 18.

Contact Ms. Ann Perrone, 484-843-1719 for further information.