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Well we did it! We got married and bought a house! MY GOD no one warned me how expensive homes are!!! Definately takes some time to get adjusted to paying a mortgage then paying bills and then trying to find time to eat. We are making it work, very exciting times!


The The Picture to the left is Meredith and I at a Dead Show, the wizard to the right was actually the best man at my wedding.......

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These are my pets the Black Dog is "B" she actually lives with my parents in the Poconos, I got her from a bum in Philadelphia.  The white dog is Patches also lives in the Poconos.  The cat is Lilah she isliving in Spokane WA with her mother Meredith.



This is my sister Meghan and her boyfriend Tim, she is 3 years younger than me and a royal pain.  Everyone with a younger sister will understand.

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