The 2015-2016 Winter EMC Math Video Event is complete. Congratulations to all of the Philadelphia school that competed! 

Our esteemed panel of judges (Philly EMC's Trey Smith; Teachers Lois Burke, Laurel Pollard, Natalie Perez, and Megan Schmidt; NCTM/Math Forum staff Sarah DeLeeuw and Annie Fetter; Philadelphia Writing Project team Erica Hauswald and Diane Waff; and inventor of the 3-Act Math Task, Dan Meyer) was blown away by the quality of the videos submitted and math explored.

Please enjoy all of the submissions. Whether you are a mathematician, a storyteller, a teacher of math at any level, or a student of the subject, you'll find something that catches your interest and takes you on a mathematical journey!

List of Teams and Videos (in alphabetical order by school): click to watch each video


November 4
Launch of EMC Math Video Event and registration opens 

November 4 – January 27
Teams create and revise videos for the Math Video Event

December 18
Registration deadline

January 27
Deadline by which participating teams submit videos via this site 

January 27 – February 15
Judging using Three Act Math Task rubric 

February 16
Announcement of awards and sharing of feedback