Phillip Lee Edwards' Novels

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erpts from
 The Ambassador &  
That Damned Irishman.


Allowing his imagination to roam, Phil wanted to, no, needed to write and has written novels in several genres. 

His first three novels, The Ambassador, That Damned Irishman, and Merc are a series involving the intertwined families of Rafael Alvarez and his son-in-law, Sean O'Hara. In the third novel, MercSean O'Hara's son, Michael, becomes a modern day mercenary solder. 

The Sacred Lands traces the lives of several generations of a Yaqui Indian family from pre Columbian times to the 1950s. 

In The Perfect World, it's people struggle to escape the tyranny of a globe corporate dictatorship.

It is Phil's hope that readers enjoy participating in the lives of the characters he creates.

3 panel mixed media by Ginger Edwards