Vaidyar means “Physician”. The title was given to our great ancestor who was honoured by the King of Travancore for treating the prince and curing his eye. The hounour then included several privileges including awards,  land without tax and a special earring which remarked the title. Three sons of the patriarch moved to different places and their descendants live in areas such as Kallada, Thevalakkara and Thumpamon and several of them across the world. 


Until recent decades, every sons of the Vaidyar families carried the title, suffixed to their name. The story is cut short here.

I am named after my grandfather and I was unhappy about my name during the school days mainly due to the teasing I had gone through from the classmates who did not make sense of it. But today, I  am happy that my name is unique and you can trace me out and contact me easily through 'any search engine' .  I thank God and my parents for my name!

I believe, the honour and the title the Lord gives us as His sons and daughters are the greatest honour we can have in this world.

Read More about Vaidyar at Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vaidyar 

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