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Philipose researches, writes, publishes  and produces mobilization tools for missions and do mission journalism to enhance Christian Witness among the least privileged people groups in the country.  Some of his travelogues are published online: www.focusonpeople.org  and at http://philjy.sulekha.com/blog/posts.htm

For more writings, see published works.

Jessy makes an open home and shares the vision of Philipose and stands with him, as she attends to Joash, Japhia and Jerusha.

Joash* writing his last two papers on his Higher Secondary course through National Institute of Open Schooling. He has an extra brilliant creative fellow in him. (Joash was identified as Dyslexic some years ago. We had to leave Hyderabad when he completed 6th, joining an open school learning center to prepare him for 10th exams. He completed one year at the center and during the beginnig of the second year in Chennai, we felt we were wasting time and energy and walked out of the center. We got him registered for the 10th at the NIOS. We are thankful to Shrishti school team who worked with him. He passed his 10th examinations in a few months.  He did not have the privilege of studying the 7th, 8th and 9th any way. Praise God, He did not fail us and Joash did not loose any years now!)

Joash loves computergraphics, video making and likes to play drums. He has joined guitar classe very recently and started picking up.

Joash was trekking this trail... 

Japhia* goes to Classs X.  She loves singing and music.

Jerusha* goes to Class III.   Jerusha thinks, when she become big, we the parents will become small. She loves capital letters in regular types than cursive. She learned only cursive at school!

 * Joash means Yahweh has given, Japhia, may the Lord cause to shine forth, and Jerusha means possession of (Yahweh)