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July 22
My father is better and  will be discharged today and must be home by this evening, continuing his medication. Hi heart functioning has been stabilized, said the doctor. Though the the ENT specialist suggested a CT scan or MRI for vertigo related problems, he had later agreed to postpone it due to the medication began for the same. Jessy must be back home so also Jerusha after being away for a week. Thank you for praying with us. 

July 20, 10.00 AM
My father
 had been shifted to the ward from the ICCU last night. In fact the shifting was a bit delayed for want of space/ room  in the ward. I spoke l
ast night with the duty doctor who saw him at the ICCU. According to him, he is stable and the medicine will be continued and shifted from injections to tablets. He will be going through an ENT consultation today to ascertain if the giddiness he has is due to virtigo or other reasons.  

Jessy is at the hospital. Jerusha stays with a cousin of mine who sends her to school. Thank you for praying with us. Uphold him and Jessy that he will get well in short time to be able leave the hosptial early. 

July 19, 11.00 PM
My father 
(Kochu Kunju Vaidyar, 86) had been admitted to a hospital on 16th July and is in the Intensive Care Unit for cardiac observation and on treatment. Tonight he has been shifted from the ICCU. I spoke with the doctor over phone and he told me that he is becoming stable and the medication will be slowly reduced. Since he has giddiness, he will be going through ENT consultation tomorrow.

He is at Al Shifa Hosptial, Perinthalmanna, 50 km away from our home in Nilambur.  Jessy is taking care of him and the hospital needs. 

A few days ago he had giddiness and later fear of instability in walking.  Jessy took him to a nearby hospital, where from he was referred to a another hospital after seeing his ECG. He was quite healthy and did not much ailments. Kindly pray that he will get well and be back home soon. 

Pray that Jessy will be able to handle everything there with the Lord's help.
Thank you, 

 My father and and mother in '88. Now he is 86 years
(This is one of my earliest file pictures)
My mother passed away 4 years ago after a few years of treatment.
A Picture with Japhia and Joash in 1997 


July 22
Update on Lizy Rajan
Lizy Rajan may have to be shifted in about 10 days time from the present hospital as there is no further treatment available for her at the hospital as the doctor had suggested. To where and how are questions now and please pray that the family will have the right counsel and wisdom. Pray that she will get the right therapy and will revive soon. 
(photo below: old picture )

July 20
Lizy Rajan, at the hospital, has shown slight improvements. The ventilator had been removed earlier and also lately the oxygen mask. Nurses say that she responds to them when they touch and call. However, Prince, her son told me that when he called her while he visited the ICU, she did not respond.

July 17
One of the nurses on duty attending to Lizy Rajan informs us:
The response rating while admission was- 0 (zero)
Now the response rating is said as 7 (seven)
She responds and opens eyes while calling.
The Neurosurgeon  who sees her is quite happy at the great progress and takes care of her with much confidence now.

The Lord is at work;  Thank you for interceding for her in your prayer as you continue trusting the Lord.
Lizy (my wife Jessy’s elder sister) fell of the bike while riding with her husband towards a hospital where she had an angioplasty a year ago. On the fall, she was hit by the head and shoulder. The bleeding was quite abnormal as she was on post-medication for the heart. 
She is at the Mission hospital at Parumala, Chengannur, Kerala and on ventilator though no more on sedation. The BP was 110 /70 and needs to become steady and then the breathing stable. The body is responding to pain at the time of injections. 
More about the family...
Rajan- Lizy’ husband- who had been employed, stopped working a few years ago and has been involved in ministry and personal evangelism. At the same time he has been doing a course at a Bible college as day scholar to be more equipped for the ministry. Lizy had started a weekly prayer meeting at their home and it has been growing. (Today the members are meeting for the weekly prayer at their home though none of the family member is there). This accident came as blow on all of as the family has been committed to serve the Lord as a family.  They were closer to us among all our kinsmen in several ways and we know that this family has been a redeemed by God and were following the Lord and His will.

Join us in prayer  that the Lord will restore Lizy and continue to use the family as a testimony for many more families.

Philipose & Jessy

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