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About me

I am a creative thinker with life experiences ranging from student counselor, theological teacher, mission journalist, developmental researcher, and alternative media producer, communication consultant and writer to people group researcher. Initiatives on research on native-people began when I was a professor of communications at a theological college and accelerated while getting invitations on mission mobilization productions. I gained more insight in to people group research rather than a formal academic research through personal and narrative study of the Bible and meeting native people groups in India who are living away from the mainstream society with century old practices.

I study and learn consistently on personal interest, and communicate mostly on assignments and on invitations. I write, teach, preach or produce media tools that enhance people, or organizations. I have been creative enough to use affordable or available resources to produce or present the best resources.

I do not conform to any waves of the world or drift on any common currents. My ethical standards and spiritual values are based on the Bible and I study it diligently to discern the right courses for myself and to test what I hear or see around. I believe in integrity, competence and faithfulness and like team up with such people in life and at work.  My wife, Jessy and I are the thankful parents of three children who are studying.  

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Philipose Vaidyar & Jessy are committed to the less- privileged people groups of India through alternative media and cost effective communication tools that will mobilize people to go and work for the total development of the people.