The Family



Joash is pursuing B.Sc Visual Communications through the University of Madras


A Step Further...

June 18

Joash passed his Senior Secondary exams with 72 percentage marks. Though he did not study 7th through 9th, he passed his 10th in 2008 (see below) through National Institute of Open Schooling. The two years he lost in school had also been made up by then.

He has joined B.Sc Visual Communications under the University of Madras through St.Thomas College, Chennai.

His enthusiasm in Electronics, his experiments with ICs, and circuits making soldering iron and multi-meter his close companions to resolve and invent some solutions all the time, may be his highest struggle, I assume. (As he has not studied Math's after class 6, he could not join any degree or diploma programme in electronics). However, Media and sound engineering have been his interests until recently and he wanted to step behind or rather inside of the machines of the media. 

During the admission, at a brief visit to his office, the Principal commented: "I am happy that I am getting a student like him". He had some glimpses of his creativity during his first visit to the college.  His teachers at MDA* and friends congratulate him as he purses the B.Sc programme. 

All glory goes to God as we are grateful to each one them who supported him and stood with us as a family when we took steps of faith to sojourn with him for his education away from the normal stream. Thank you all!

(Experience are many and varied as we trecked this stretch including seeing a few 'professionals' -doctors, psychologists, special learning centres- who wait to exploit and capitalize on situations).

The Lord  Reigns!

June 2008

Dear Praying Friends,

The Lord is good and His name is wonderful. It is with great joy and gratitude to the Lord I scribble these words. The Lord’s ways are marvelous and His promises are true. 

This trail of faith was trekked by all of us.


Joash appeared for the Secondary Examinations (10th) during April- May 2008 and he has passed. This means a lot of the Lord’s special grace and providence.


He had to discontinue normal schooling a few times and at last after passing 6th from CBSE from Hyderabad. In Chennai, after a year, we shifted his learning center since the center was planning to put him to the 10th registration after two more years. We got him registered directly with National Institute of Open Schooling by September 2007.

Joash appeared for ENGLISH, WORD PROCESSING, HOME SCIENCE, BUSINESS STUDIES, and PSYCHOLOGY and passed in all the five. He is the only one who cleared all these subjects at one go from among his colleagues and old class mates. And note, he never studied 7th 8th and 9th classes! The Lord gave us the grace to walk out of the center in the second year and register him for the NIOS examinations. Praises and all Glory to God.


The reason why we prayerfully resigned from IMA, Hyderabad and took a step of faith coming to Chennai is fulfilled by the Lord. The Lord never fails!

We as a family thank all our friends and dear ones who stood with us. Your encouragement and initiatives meant great. We thank all the teachers and friends of Joash who directly and indirectly were incidental for this blessing. God, bless them and reward them!

Philipose, Jessy

Joash, Japhia and Jerusha



Our sincere gratitude to ....

<> I MA, CIM and all my colleagues and friends who stood with us in prayer and with their encouragements.

<>  All his teachers who contributed to his success negatively and positively!.

<> *Madras Dyslexia Association, Shrishti School, Performa Learning team, and Mr. Prem Bright of KPS, Kodaikanal.

<> Many others