The Lord is at Work in Us

The Lord has been leading us over the past 23 years [ever since Philipose stepped out in faith, answering the call to serve Him and for the last 20 years as a family].

Philipose has a vision and the vision has been growing. As a family we continue to pursue the vision from the Lord. As look back we could see the Lord's hand in guiding us as we pressed on in faith, seeing His guidance.  We don't think that we will achieve everything. Our vision is much bigger than what we can achieve ourselves. As the Lord uses us as instruments to envision others as well, we are confident that we are not "rolling stones", but "living stones" built into Him.

Though we would like to settle in a place and enjoy the privileges of a settled life, those are not our life goals. We are happy to sojourn and partner with people and initiatives in reaching a common vision. If we have moved,  and are moving on, take heart, the Lord is at work in us and He is leading us and we are on a step further at every move.  You will never know what we are upto and what are our motivations unless you really work with us or pray with us.  We hope,  some of the updates will keep you informed of us.