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Welcome to the family Website of the Vaidyars

Philipose, Jessy, Joash, Japhia & Jerusha

Philipose Vaidyar,  a  researcher, writer and an overall developmental-media producer for the Christian Press,  has been involved in Christian ministry and in Mission Journalism since 1986.  Besides ministering to students, teaching communications and actively involving in missions, he has helped several major Christian organizations in research, writing, and production of Mobilization Media tools. He has launched several magazines; profiled many organizations and people groups; documented sevaral community projects; produced  a handfull of videos and written over 300 transformation stories to empower people and organizations.

Philipose enhances Christian witness and pioneering missions through qualitative research, alternative and creative communication tools.He couches individuals in developmental writing, narrative Bible studies and preaching. Read more 

India’s tribalscape is awe-inspiring. There are about 2800 major people groups or communities in India and above 400 spoken languages and over 1600 dialects..... 

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