Vision, Mission and Function


The PNU Library as a dynamic and responsive center for research and information on teacher education and related fields.


Provide relevant library resources and quality service in support of the PNU objectives in general and the curricular offerings in particular.


  1. Provide quality services as the library can render in support of the University’s commitment to excellence in teaching and leadership in education, research and service
  2. Select and acquire library materials, including books, journals, pamphlets, maps, audio-visual materials and the newer media which have become accepted tools of college instruction
  3. Prepare and take care of those materials, through such processes as cataloging, classification, indexing and binding
    Provide individual and group assistance to readers in the use of the library materials
  4. Encourage reading on the part of students in connection with their courses and other personal purposes
  5. Serve as a training ground on librarianship and information management for library and information science students
  6. Render referral service to PNU students and faculty members in using the resources of other academic and special libraries
  7. Participate in cooperative library projects, such as resource-sharing, exchange of publications, staff development and other library related activities