Preparatory School

Charity School

The New Jerusalem Church sponsors a kindergarten

One of the outreaches of the New Church in the Philippines is an excellent kindergarten program.  This program serves both the members of the church and the local community. In the end of the year testing students from the school have the top scores for the area. 

The School teaches Love to the Lord

The school provides an excellent secular education, but the main focus is on helping the students learn to love the Lord, be of use to the neighbor and live a good life

Graduation 2011

Head Teacher Verone Cayabyab, Cynthia Baltazar, Jennie Tolentino

Sister Verone leads a small team of dedicated teachers to get amazing results from the school.  The school occupies the building that is immediately adjacent to the church and the class room gets used for many church activities as well as school.

The school  participates in a United Nations day March

School is a good experience