Philippe Steer

 Assistant Professor - Geosciences Rennes

A brief presentation:

I am now an Assistant Professor (Maître de conférences) at Geosciences Rennes (University of Rennes 1, France) in the Quantitative Geomorphology group. My work is mainly focused on the interactions between tectonics and surface processes. We are especially interested in understanding how stochastic processes, such as earthquakes or floods, can shape mountaineous landscapes.

I was before that a post-doctoral fellow at the Department of Earth Sciences of Bergen University working with Ritske Huismans (UiB) and collaborating mainly with Cedric Thieulot (UiB), Patience Cowie (UiB), Frédéric Herman (ETHZ) Pierre Valla (ETHZ) and Vivi Pedersen (UiB) in the framework of the Earth System Modeling (ESM) project.

I have previously completed my PhD thesis entitled "Surfaces processes and deformation in orogenic settings: quantification and modeling" at the Laboratoire de Géologie, ENS Paris and at Geosciences Montpellier, working with Rodolphe Cattin (GM, Montpellier), Jérôme Lavé (CRPG, Nancy) and collaborating with Vincent Godard (CEREGE, Aix), György Hetényi (ETHZ), Arnaud Burtin (Cambridge) and Roger Soliva (GM, Montpellier).

Don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested or curious about my work. You may also be willing to have a look at my CV or at my scientific publications and reports.

The EROQUAKE project:

The EROQUAKE project wish to investigate the relationships between tectonics and surface processes (erosion or sedimentation) at short time-scales (days, years, ...) using both observations and numerical modeling. In particular, the project focus on the possible link between extreme climatological events (e.g. typhoons), extreme surface processes (e.g. landslides) and earthquakes. The EROQUAKE project, which is hosted at the Université Rennes 1, is funded by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche and is granted to Philippe Steer for the time period 2014-2018. Please check out our EROQUAKE project website.

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