Recent courses:
  • 10/2011: Master of Science in Medical Imaging, University of Paris-Sud": Functional MRI: background, statistical data analysis and paradigms (course).
  •  05/2010: Spring school: "Peyresq at Porquerolles": Inverse problems in functional neuroimaging (course1, course 2, course 3).
  • 07/2009: 4th summer school in signal & image processing (Peyresq). 4. Inversion de données d'imagerie cérébrale fonctionnelle (2h): Click here
  • 05/2009: JIRFNI'09 in Marseille dedicated to Advanced methods for fMRI data analysis: From nonparametric hemodynamics characterization to joint detection-estimation of brain activity from fMRI time series: Click here
Recent conferences:
  • 04/2011: invited talk in GIPSA-Lab (Grenoble): Multifractal analysis of resting state networks in functional MRI (slides in pdf)
  • 03/2011: IEEE ISBI'11 (Chicago, IL) special session "Wavelets in EEG/fMRI":Multifractal analysis of resting state networks in functional MRI
  • 03/2011: IEEE ISBI'11 (Chicago, IL) special session "Wavelets in EEG/fMRI": Image reconstruction from multiple sensors using Stein's principle. Application to parallel MRI (Main author: C. Chaux, slides in pdf)
  • 11/2010: invited talk in LINC (Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg): Impact of the  joint detection-estimation approach on group level analyses in fMRI (slides in pdf)
  • 11/2010: IEEE ISABEL workshop (Roma, Italy): Impact of the parallel MRI reconstruction algorithm on brain activity detection in fMRI. (slides in pdf)
  • 12/2009: INRIA Sophia-Antipolis (Asclepios Team): Bayesian joint detection-estimation of brain activity in fMRI (slides in pdf)
  • 11/2009: LJK statistical seminar (University of Grenoble & INRIA Rhône Alpes): video
  • 11/2009: Polytechnic school, CMAP-X seminar: Bayesian joint detection-estimation of brain activity in fMRI (slides pdf)
  • 10/2009: GdR Stats-Santé (University of Paris V): Spatially adaptive mixture models for analysis of fMRI time series; (pdf file)
  • 06/2009: OPTIMED Workshop on approximation & optimization in image restoration and reconstruction (Porquerolles): Regularized parallel MRI reconstruction in the wavelet domain (pdf file)
  • 03/2009: GdR ISIS:  Extrapolation schemes for fast 3D Potts field partition function estimation. Application to fMRI image analysis; click here
  • 07/2008 HDR defense: Brain dynamics in functional neuroimaging (pdf file)
  • 06/2008: MITACS Workshop on biomedical signal processing (Montreal): Bayesian contributions to the joint detection-estimation of brain activity in fMRI (pdf file)

Old lectures:
  • Tutorial on fMRI data analysis at MICCAI'04 
    (St Malo, France, 09/26/2004)
    • A road map of fMRI data analysis: from acquisition to publication by Jean-Baptiste Poline (slides)
    • Modeling the BOLD response in fMRI by Philippe Ciuciu (slides)
    • An introduction to group analysis in fMRI by Alexis Roche (slides)
  • Journées inter-régionales de formation en neuro-imagerie (2004, Marseille)
      • Détection intra-sujet sur la base du modèle linéaire généralisé by Alexis Roche (slides
        • Approches bayésiennes pour la détection d'activations by Alexis Roche (slides)
        • Analyse de groupe en IRMf by Sébastien Mériaux 
          • Modeling and estimation of the hemodynamic response in fMRI  by Philippe Ciuciu (