Sandra's Cake

I asked if I could make the cakes for my aunt's surprise birthday party.  I wanted something really feminine and I went to the book Colette's Cakes for inspiration

Colette's Cakes had a mother's day trio of a purse, a jewelry box and a hat.  I loved the purse and jewelry box and copied them pretty closely, however I didn't like the hat and my aunt has never worn a hat that I know of, so I decided to make a teacup with flowers in it.
I made the fondant roses, leaves, the necklace, and the handle to the teacup a week before the party so they would have plenty of time to harden...fondant takes a while to dry.  Two days before the party I tinted the fondant blue and peach.  The day before the party I made a ton of royal icing and made the pendant, purse clasp, and earrings out of royal icing with run in sugar for the middles, I also baked all the cakes.  The night before the party I painted the pearls and earrings with pearl dust mixed with vodka and I added the crushed candy to the top of the pendant to make it look like jewelry.   

The day of the party I assembled everything.  Each cake is on a cardboard cake board cut to size and covered in fondant.  I made lines on the jewelry box using the same pizza cutter/ruler method as with the D&D cake, but I covered the lines with royal icing and stuck a million dragees in the frosting.  I put an S on top of the cake for my aunt's initial and I painted her monogram on the teacup.

When I finally got the teacup together, the fondant handle I had made was way too big, so the teacup became a ceramic bowl with flowers.  I didn't know what to paint on it and Scott suggested her monogram and I painted some blue flowers around the rest of the bowl.

All in all, I think they turned out fairly nice, of course I didn't manage to get any good pictures until after I had cut into the cakes!  And just for the record,  the jewelry box was chocolate, the bowl was strawberry cake, and the purse was white cake.