Roman Jewelry

Here is the Jewelry that Odette and I made to go with my Roman outfit.  Most of it is based on the Fayum mummy portraits.  The earrings are one of the main reasons I wanted to make a Roman outfit and they turned out really well.

Here are the earrings based loosely on the Fayum portraits.  Odette made the hoops based on an extant piece.  They are made of pearls, lapis, and cheap bracelet ends spray painted gold.  I have since bought actual gold bracelet ends, but haven't had time to remake the earrings.

This is the inspiration piece.  It is also the partial inspiration for how to make the earrings.  

Here is one of the two necklaces we made.  Odette once again made the clasp and I wired together the amethysts and more cheap beads spray painted gold.  The "gold" beads were the closest thing we could find to the clover shaped gold pieces in the original necklace.

We also couldn't find green beads shaped like the ones in the original necklace so I went with amethysts shaped like the ones in the second inspiration necklace to make the two go together better.

Here is the inspiration for the necklace. It is also the inspiration for the hoops of the earrings.

Here is the necklace we made.  Odette made the findings and I wired it together.  I used lapis instead of the green beads because they were the most similar in shape that I could find.

The necklaces are worn together one on top of the other based on the Fayum portraits.  (My camera was doing a really bad job of photographing the jewelry)

Here is my amethyst bracelet based on an extant roman piece that I found a picture of on Wikipedia.  It had a clasp, but I made this the night before the event and Odette wasn't around to make a clasp for me and I don't have the skills, so I just wired it together and made it big enough to slide over my hand.