Circle Cloak

Here is my awesomely warm (and heavy) circular cloak

I have been wanting a "real" cloak for a good long time.  I made a fleece one when I first started the SCA, but was unhappy with both the fleece and the hang and fit of the cloak.

Then, at a fabric warehouse sale I bought a ton of navy wool and some pink linen and knew it was time for the cloak.












I spent a long time stressing about the hood.  I always wear a hat and I hadn't seem too many hoods in portraits, so I stalled on making the cloak.

Then it came to me...I could make the cloak with just a collar. (Okay, it seems really obvious now).

I laid out the fabric a la Janet Arnold with the full width of the fabric down the middle and a half width on either side, then cut a circle.

The seam is visible in this shot.









Here is the pink linen lining.

I'm standing like a vampire because I'm hugely pregnant.  These pictures were taken on my actual due date...however looks like baby is staying late.

If I were to make this cloak again, I would do a half circle instead of a full circle.  It is so heavy it is difficult to wear, but it is wonderful for sitting around and using as an extra blanket for cold camping.